The Benefits of a DOT Service Provider For DOT Compliance

Mar 10, 2023

This could be easily the least controversial question that you may have ever come across in your industry. If somebody asks you whether you should outsource your DOT compliance with DOT service provider or not, the answer should be yes. This is because keeping your business compliant with the rules and regulations stated by the department of transportation and the federal motor carrier safety administration all by yourself is going to be a big and time-consuming responsibility. As a motor carrier or any business entity working in the transportation sector, it is going to take away a major chunk of your attention and resources when you attempt to file all the forms, fulfill all requirements, follow all the guidelines, and maintain DOT compliance on your own.

There is a lot to do such as maintaining vehicle integrity, random alcohol & drug testing, safety management, keeping driver records updated, following the clearinghouse guidelines, and a lot more. The following section talks about some of the very obvious benefits of outsourcing your DOT compliance to a dependable and expert DOT service provider in your city. Let’s begin:

Say Goodbye To Risk And Exposure

The most apparent advantage of associating with a third-party administrator or DOT service compliance facilitator is that you can lower the risk associated with non-compliance without sparing any extra time or resources at all. For example, if one of your drivers has been in an accident, there is a big chance that you will be going to court. One of the first items that you will have to submit to the court is going to be the DOT driver file.

What if you do not have that in your hand at that moment? When you outsource this little yet critical responsibility, you do not have to worry about any of that. In fact, there is a very thin chance that any of your drivers will ever be in an accident in the first place because they will have enough sense, training, and knowledge to keep themselves compliant with the safety norms established by the FMCSA and the department of transportation.

Highly Knowledgeable Team

You may not have so much knowledge about the transport sector or the latest developments that may have been initiated by the federal motor carrier safety administration. However, the expert and knowledgeable team that you get with your DOT compliance facilitator will have everything at their fingertips including the various acts, sections, and parts applicable to your business. They have all the knowledge about federal rules and regulations that apply to your industry and may hold relevance specifically to your segment and company. While you have all the free time to handle the core issues of your business, your third-party administrator is going to monitor your activities, drivers, fleets, vehicles, and all safety-sensitive position holders for DOT compliance constantly throughout the year.

Complete Support During The Audit

Everybody knows this. A DOT audit can happen anytime. The question is when. The answer is nobody knows. This is exactly what makes it so risky. It stresses the fact that you cannot take DOT compliance lightly. Now, you may be googling at the moment the various triggers that can lead to a DOT compliance audit. Well, there could be anything right from a civilian complaint to an actual non-compliant driver or perhaps even a minor accident. Your third party administrator is going to work directly with the auditor and will make sure that all the information that is required by them is provided to them.

They will also ensure that your company does not come under unnecessary scrutiny or has to face any undue exposure that is beyond the scope of rectifying that one particular fault on the part of the non-compliant driver. In fact, these professionals work as an extension of your company. They do not go on vacations or unannounced leaves. They are there for you to facilitate constant training and guidance so that you can come out of an unexpected audit without any bruises to your reputation.

Dedicated Customer Service 24/7

In the middle of it all, there will be moments when you will come to a standstill. You will encounter difficulties and confusion. You might not know how to go ahead when it comes to filling out certain forms or perhaps fulfilling certain responsibilities related to the safety of all your employees and associates. You might not know how to communicate with your partners and employees regarding return-to-duty tests or other formalities related to random drug and alcohol assessments. This is where a dedicated customer service team comes into the picture. They are going to help you prepare your drivers for every situation. In case of accidents, delivery mix-ups, slow shipping, and paperwork related to import-export formalities, your DOT service provider customer service team will be there to guide you with it all 24/7.

Huge Cost Savings In The Long Run

Managing your own drivers, fleets, and compliance, and also undertaking the training of your safety-sensitive position holders on your own could be very expensive for your company. You will end up spending a lot more of your money and resources on running your business. The profit that you earn will be sucked back by your company leaving you very little margin. However, outsourcing these responsibilities to a highly experienced and professional third-party administrator can save you all that trouble and more. There will be just one cost associated with DOT compliance and that will be the fee that you have to pay to your TPA.

To Wrap It Up

You should not take DOT compliance so lightly. This is because unless you have considerable experience in managing it on your own, venturing into it is going to dilute your focus. You will not be able to concentrate on your core business activities. Therefore, it defeats the purpose of staying compliant in the first place. Remember, DOT compliance rules and regulations are there for you to abide by them so that you can be more efficient in your business and do away with any interruptions and prevent discontinuity of operation. The only thing that can ensure all of that is your partnering with a skilled and professional DOT service provider.