Empowering Your Transportation Endeavors: Broker Authority Explained

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Introduction to Broker Authority

In the dynamic world of the trucking industry, efficient transportation coordination is key to success. If you’re an individual, partnership, or corporation looking to arrange the movement of belongings for others without physically handling the goods, Broker Authority is the solution. This authority is obtained by securing a Motor Carrier (MC) Number, allowing you to act as a facilitator in the transportation process.

Types of Broker Authority

01 Broker of Property/Freight

Description: This category of broker authority is designed for those facilitating the transportation of various items for others, excluding household goods. It enables the use of an authorized Motor Carrier to carry out the transportation.

02 Broker of Household Goods

Description: Tailored for businesses focusing on the transportation of household goods, this authority permits the arrangement of moving personal items and property used in homes. Like the Broker of Property/Freight, it requires the use of an authorized Motor Carrier for the actual transportation.

Key Steps to Attaining Broker Authority

Once your MC Number is assigned, the following steps are crucial to completing the broker authority process:

For Brokers of Property/Freight:

Requirement: Complete the BMC-85 form, which serves as a Surety Bond or Trust Fund Agreement. The amount for this bond is $75,000.

For Brokers of Household Goods:

Requirement: Akin to the BMC-85, brokers in this category need to complete the BMC-84 form, acting as a Surety Bond or Trust Fund Agreement. The amount for this bond is also $75,000.

For Both Broker Types

Requirement: Regardless of the specific broker authority type, all brokers must complete the BOC-3 form, known as the Designation of Process Agents.

Understanding the Broker's Role: No Assumption of Responsibility or Possession

It’s vital to comprehend that a broker, under any type of authority, does not assume responsibility for the transported goods and never takes physical possession. Instead, the primary focus is on efficiently coordinating and arranging transportation services through authorized Motor Carriers.

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Cautionary Note:

Risks of Operating Without an Authority or Being Labeled as “Not Authorized”

If you are operating without operating authority, operating beyond the scope of your authority, or are labeled as “Not Authorized,” it can lead to legal consequences, including fines and penalties. It can also have a negative impact on your business’s reputation leading to lost opportunities and revenue streams.
It’s worth noting that being labeled as “Not Authorized” is not always straightforward. To navigate uncertainties, we offer our consultation services. Our team can provide personalized guidance to help you understand your current status and take the necessary steps to ensure compliance and mitigate risks.