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What is a biennial update?
In the simplest words, a biennial update is a requirement that the federal motor carrier safety administration has put forth. Under this mandate, you must update your MCS-150 form - also known as the motor carrier identification report. You must do this update every two years without exception.
Who is required to submit a biennial update?
All U.S. DOT Number carriers (Interstate or Intrastate Carrier Operations, Motor Carrier, Broker, Shipper, Freight Forwarder and/or Cargo Tank Facility) must update based on a schedule dictated by the last two digits of U.S. DOT Number. You may also need to submit this update if you are no longer in business and have not yet notified the FMCSA, as they are required to be notified within 30 days of any change of operation and a final written report filed.
When should I file a biennial update?
You will be required to provide this update every two years if there is a change in your company information. You should do this even if your company has not changed information. If you have ceased any inter-state operations since the last update or are no longer in business, you may have to submit this update.
Am I required to file a biennial update if there are no changes?
Yes, you are still required to submit a biennial update every two years regardless of whether any information related to your business has been updated, changed, or modified or not.
Will I be notified if my biennial update is due?
Yes, you may receive a reminder from the federal motor carrier safety administration right before the due date. Remember that you should not rely on this reminder as regulations state a biennial update must be filed on a schedule dictated by the last two digits of U.S. DOT Number.
Can we do this update by visiting the local FMCSA division office?
No, the MCS-150 update cannot be done at your local division office. You can do it by mail or fax or you can contact a compliance service provider or third-party administrator.
My trucks have both Mexico and US license plates. Can I put my MX number and my MC number on the same truck?

Currently, there are no such marking requirements that direct you on how to display either your MX number for the Mexico domiciled carrier or the MC number for the US carrier. All in all, your vehicle must be marked according to the 49 CFR 390.21 (a) under which your trade name or the legal name of the motor carrier and the identification number that has been issued by the FMCSA should be displayed preceded by the letters US DOT. In the case of the Mexico domiciled motor carrier, your US DOT identification number should be followed by the distinctive letter Z which denotes that you are operating in commercial zones, or the letter X which indicates that your operations are beyond the commercial zones. This depends entirely on the type of authority that your trucking company has received.


You will have to ensure that the name of the operating carrier is followed by the single trade name or the legal name of the motor carrier that is operating the self-propelled commercial motor vehicle and that should appear along with the identification number issued by the FMCSA to the motor carrier which should be preceded by the letters USDOT and that must be preceded by the words "operated by". This applies to you if the name of any other person appears on the commercial motor vehicle in the place of the name of the operating carrier.

How long does it take to complete this update?
It can be done online or by email or by fax. It takes the shortest time to complete when done on the internet or by e-mail. A physical mail or fax may take three or four weeks to process.
Are there any changes in the URS rule and how do they affect motor carriers?
URS is also known as the Unified Registration System, which is an online platform that enables one to track all the information about every entity in the transportation and logistics business. The FMCSA intends to make essential information available to the public within the URS. The primary goal is to streamline the registration process and lessen or eliminate other problems for various transportation and logistics industry entities.
Will I be charged a fine if I make a mistake on my biennial update?
You have multiple opportunities to submit your biennial update. If you have made a mistake in any of the entries, you can re-submit the form.
Are there any fines and penalties if I fail to submit this update on time?
Yes, there are fines and penalties of up to $10,000 if you fail to submit this update. It may also result in the deactivation of your U.S. DOT Number. Civil penalties may amount to $1,000 per day.
Am I required to perform this update by myself or can I hire a third-party?
You may perform this update on your own either through email or fax. You may also choose a third-party provider, if needed. If using a third-party, this entity will educate you about DOT compliance requirements and perform these updates and as well as others on your behalf for a nominal fee.
In which month do I have to conduct my biennial status update?
If your U.S. DOT Number ends in 1, you must file your update by the last day of the month of January. If your U.S. DOT Number ends in 2, you must file the update by the last day of February. If the second-to-last digit of your U.S. DOT Number is odd, you must submit the update in 2021 or other odd year. If the second-to-last digit of your U.S. DOT Number is even, you will submit your update in 2022 or other even year.
Do I have to do the update every year?
No. You must perform this update every two years.
What is an IEP?
IEP Stands For Intermodal Equipment Provider.
What is a hazardous materials safety permit?
By filing as a Hazardous Materials (or HAZMAT) carrier, you must obtain a hazardous materials safety permit, also known as a HAZMAT Safety Permit. FMCSA initiated the Federal Hazardous Materials Safety Permit Program to improve highway vehicle safety. Therefore, for a transport company to move certain types and amounts of hazardous materials from one location to another, the company needs to get the HAZMAT permit.
What happens when I submit incorrect information in my biennial status update?
If you submit even a single piece of incorrect information regarding your biennial status, your U.S. DOT Number may not get reactivated. In that case, you will have to resubmit the MCS-150 form.
What happens when my U.S. DOT Number gets deactivated?
When your U.S. DOT Number is inactive for failure to complete your MCS-150, your status is going to read as “Inactive per 49 CFR 390.19(b)(4); biennial update of MCS-150 data not completed,” or if White Page Deactivated, your status will read as, "Record Inactive."
Can I use a professional service to complete my biennial update?
Yes, you can use a third-party provider to complete your forms and other information with the FMCSA and other authorities. The entity may charge a fee.
Where can I obtain guidance regarding compliance rules by the FMCSA?
You can get all the guidance and information on their official website or with your third-party provider or compliance educator.
What Is A Motor Passenger Carrier?
A motor passenger carrier is of two types. The first is a private motor carrier of passengers which is under the business category. It is a motor carrier that is engaged in the transportation of passengers across state borders. This transportation is strictly a commercial enterprise/activity/service which is not available to the general public. For example, a company transporting its employees from one location to another or one job site to another is not an arrangement that is open to the general public. The second category is the private motor carrier of passengers which is under the non-business head. This is basically a carrier that is involved in the interstate transportation of passengers. It is not for business purposes but for non-profit or public service purposes.
What Is A Passenger Motor Vehicle?
A passenger motor vehicle is a motor vehicle that has a gross weight rating of less than 10,000 pounds. It can be a passenger car or a pickup truck. It can also be a van or a minivan or any sport utility vehicle.
What Is Motor Passenger Carrier Authority?
A motor passenger carrier authority is your OP-1 Form. It allows you to transport or arrange for the transportation of passengers. It also gives you the authority to transport passengers or any property in exchange for compensation.
Who Needs Motor Passenger Carrier Authority?
Companies that are working within the US and perform or wish to interstate operations would require to have a motor passenger carrier authority. For this, they will have to fill out the OP-1 form. It comes with a few more related forms and documents that they will also have to fill out. Even US freight forwarders and for-hire motor carriers and brokers need to fill out the OP-1 form if they want to remain operational across the country and perform interstate operations. Do note that in addition to your operating authority, if you are a motor carrier of passengers or property, you will also have to obtain a US DOT number before you can begin any interstate operations. You can apply online or you can mail them to your third-party administrator for a faster application. Your third-party administrator or TPA is going to get in touch with the FMCSA and expedite the whole process for you.
What Are The Requirements For Motor Passenger Carrier Authority?
Carriers that want to operate within the US and perform interstate operations must apply for a motor passenger carrier authority. In addition to their operating authority, they must also obtain US DOT number. They can submit the application directly to the federal motor carrier safety administration or get in touch with their dependable and trustworthy TPA for faster submission. Remember, you cannot begin your operations until you have obtained all the certificates, licenses, and permits for operating authority. You can use your American Express card, Discover card or MasterCard, or Visa for the online payment of the fee. As you fill out the online application form, you will find out what the requirements are that you need to fulfill to successfully submit this application. As an alternative, you can get in touch with your third party administrator and they will fill you in on all the details and requirements that you need to fulfill to obtain your motor passenger carrier authority.
Can I Operate Without Motor Passenger Carrier Authority?
No, you cannot operate without obtaining your motor passenger carrier authority. You will need this authority even if you are working as a for-hire vehicle. If you engage in any interstate commerce that means if you are crossing any state lines or going to the airport or the port of entry, you will require this operating authority. If you provide transportation to passengers for compensation regardless of whether you are compensated directly on indirectly for the service that you have provided, you are going to need this authority to operate. Whether the compensation is paid or not by the passengers or by any other party, you will need to obtain this authority if you want to operate within the US. Applying for passenger carrier authority is very simple. Just get in touch with your third party administrator. They will inform you on what to do, especially if you are a first-time applicant. They will guide you with your registration process for the unified registration system. They can do it for you without you having to worry about it at all.
What Are The Motor Passenger Carrier Authority Application Fees?
If you look at the cost for each operating authority that you want to obtain, it will be a one-time fee of $300 for each one of them. There are separate filing fees as well that you will have to submit when you apply for other permits and authorities. For example, if you want to apply for a passenger authority and household goods authority, it will require you to submit $600 which is $300 paid twice for each individual authority. You can easily combine your payments. But if both your authorities are similar or are of the same type such as the common and contract carrier authorities for property, you will have to pay only a one-time fee which will be a single amount of $300. Remember that your filing fees are non-refundable. If you want to request a name change, the entire processing fee is going to be $14. If you want to get any of your authorities reinstated in case it has been revoked in the past, you will have to pay at least $80.
What Are The Steps To Get Motor Passenger Carrier Authority?
You can submit an online application form to get your motor passenger carrier authority. Compared to mailing this request an online application is going to take at least two or three weeks less. This means that you will be able to begin your operations sooner. Applying online through your third party administrator for any operating authority that you want is a practical approach. You can direct your TPA to fill out the necessary forms and information on your behalf so that you can perform your day-to-day business activities without any interruptions. The third party administrator is going to get in touch with the FMCSA and do the needful to help you obtain your motor passenger carrier authority. As an alternative, you can do all of this by yourself. If you have enough time, you can go to the federal motor carrier safety administration website and fill out all the necessary details in the relevant forms as directed by the website. It is going to take a considerable amount of time and therefore it is advised to get in touch with your TPA and let them do the needful.
What Is An OP-1 Form?
An OP-1 form is the application form that you have to fill out to obtain your motor passenger carrier authority.
Why Is The OP-1 Form Required?
The OP-1 form is required to obtain your motor passenger carrier authority. It is also the same form that is filled out to obtain motor property carrier authority and broker authority and instructions.
What Happens If You Do Not Fill Out The OP1 Form?
If you do not fill out the OP-1 form, you may not be able to obtain your authority. This form applies to almost every motor carrier, broker, and freight forwarder in the US. In case you have not filled it out or fail to fill it correctly, you will not be able to obtain any of your operating authorities.
What Is FMCSA Broker Authority?
Broker authority is permission granted by the FMCSA or the government that allows you to take and load deliveries when working with shippers and carriers. If you want to function as a broker in the trucking and logistics sector, you must have a broker authority. You must receive your MC number before you begin with your operations.
Does A Broker Need A License?
As a freight forwarder or a broker working in the US transport and logistics sector, you will need to register with the FMCSA. You must obtain your authority before you start performing your freight forwarder services or brokering responsibilities. You must register as a freight forwarder or as a motor carrier with the governing bodies.
What Are Freight Broker Responsibilities?
As a freight broker, you will be responsible for a lot of things. You will have to generate leads and attract new clients and prospects. Developing a sales pipeline will also be one of your responsibilities. You must identify and select reputable carriers for your freight services. You will have to make sure that they are safe and compliant as well. Clients working with you will depend on you for timely shipping quotes. You will have to book orders with carriers and stay in touch with them throughout. You will also be helping carriers prepare loads for hauling.
How Long Does It Take To Get Your Broker Authority?
The application process time is somewhere around 4 to 6 weeks. If you do that via traditional mail, it might take a little longer. It is advised to associate with a dependable and efficient 3rd party administrator or service agent that can take away this burden from your shoulders.
How Much Is Broker Authority? How Much Does Broker Authority Cost?
Your broker authority is going to cost you $300. Any individual authority that you apply for online is going to cost you $300. For example, if you apply for your operating authority and then for your broker authority, the total is going to be $600.
How To Check Your Freight Broker Authority?
Leave this to the third-party administrator that you have associated with. Your service agent will be responsible for checking your status with the FMCSA and their licensing and insurance system. They are going to perform a carrier search and look for your status with them. It will be their responsibility to keep you updated on your status with the FMCSA. If you don't have access to the internet, you can call their toll-free number as well. But instead of doing this on your own, it is advised that you connect with a reliable service agent for all your compliance requirements.
How To Get Broker Authority? How To Get Freight Broker Authority?
If you want to earn a freight broker authority, you will have to first apply for your USDOT number. This is the department of transportation number. Without this, you cannot operate in the transport and logistics sector in the US. The next step is registering with the federal motor carrier safety administration. You will then have to obtain a security bond and apply for proof with the FMCSA that you have fulfilled the necessary requirements. The next step will be to designate a list of process agents in every state that you will be functioning in or performing your operations. You will finally receive your license when the governing bodies are satisfied that you have fulfilled all the requirements and filled up all the necessary forms and applications in addition to all the paperwork and documentation. But instead of this, what you can do is let your third-party administrator do the needful for you. You don't have to do any of the complicated paperwork or documentation on your own. Just let your service agent get you your broker authority. They are more than capable of getting you the necessary license, permits, and documents to help you kick start your business and stay compliant throughout the year.
How Do You Get Your Broker MC Number? How Do I Get Your USMC Number?
Your USMC number is basically your MC number which is your operating authority. If you already have a USDOT number, you will be required to complete the appropriate authority forms, in this case, the OP-1 series, if you are looking to get your broker MC number. You will have to submit this to the FMCSA for processing.
How To Get DOT Broker Authority?

If you are a broker and are registering for the first time, you have to apply for your trucker authority with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You must do it through the Unified Registration System. You will have to log in to the FMCSA official website and then follow the instructions as given by the guide. Or you can give all this responsibility to your third-party administrator or your service agent. This is a lot easier than doing everything on your own. You will be assigned your MC number shortly after that. You will then have to complete the application process and as a broker, you must take care of the following steps:


Property Brokers

  • You will need proof of insurance
  • A surety bond which is the form BMC-84 or a trust fund agreement which is the form BMC-85 of a value of $75,000


Household Goods Brokers

  • Start with a proof of insurance coverage
  • A surety bond which is again BMC-84 form or a trust fund agreement which is the BMC-85 form of at least $75,000 is a must


The entire application processing fee will be $300 just like any other authority that you apply for. This is going to be a non-refundable fee and will be charged during the application process. The total processing time will be somewhere between 4 to 6 weeks

What Is A Broker MC Number?
Your broker MC number is the authority license that allows you to function as a broker. It allows you to transport cargo that belongs to a third party. You cannot function as a broker without obtaining your MC number.
What Is A Common Authority In Trucking?
Common authority is for a carrier that provides for hire transportation to the general public
What Is Freight Broker Authority?
Freight broker authority is granted by the federal motor carrier safety administration and it allows you to function as a freight broker in the US.
Can I Pause My Trucking Authority?
Yes, you can pause your trucking authority. You can either get it revoked through email or online. You will have to complete the form OCE-46 if you want to request the revocation of your registration.
Do I Need To Suspend My Operating Authority If I Sell All Of My Trucks?
You don't have to do this. Once your insurance expires, the federal motor carrier safety administration will revoke your authority. You can get it reactivated whenever you need to start operating your vehicles.
What Happens If Freight Is Brokered Without Broker Authority?
If you knowingly engage in an interstate brokerage without having proper authority, you will have to pay a penalty of at least $10,000. The fines can accumulate over a period of time, depending upon the number of offenses that you have committed.
How To Apply For Broker Authority?
The best way to apply for your broker authority is to ask your TPA or service agent to do it on your behalf.
What Is An MX Number?
MX numbers belong to a particular category of numbers that are also called docket numbers. The MX number is assigned to any carrier that is domiciled in Mexico. Similarly, an FF number is assigned to a freight forwarder and an MC number is for all carriers and brokers.
Who Needs An MX Number?
If you are a Mexico-domiciled motor carrier, you will need an MX number to enter the US. You must also have a valid FMCSA certificate of registration or operating authority to do business in the US. The FMCSA assigns the MX number as well. You must also have a USDOT number along with these numbers.
How Do I Get An MX Number?
It is very easy to get an MX number. You can obtain it by applying online. You will have to fill out your OP-1 MX form. You will also have to submit to and pass a pre-authorization safety audit for the purpose. You must submit proof of insurance as well. The next step is the BOC 3 designation of process agents and submission. Make sure to fill out the MX number application form correctly. It will take around 4 weeks to get this number issued.
Can A Non-US Citizen Get A DOT Number?
You may be eligible to apply for a driver's license or ID card or a Real ID driver's license if you are present on US soil completely lawfully. All your documents must show your name and date of birth along with other requirements that are needed to get a USDOT number
What Is An MC, MX, FF Number?
An MX number is a number acquired by Mexico-domiciled carriers to operate within US borders. An MC number is a motor carrier number which is an interstate operating authority. It is assigned to all carriers and brokers. This is a unique identifier assigned by the FMCSA. An FF number is a freight forwarder number again assigned by the FMCSA.
Can US Carriers Operate In Mexico?
Yes, American truckers have the freedom to drive in Mexico. Likewise, Canadian truckers are also allowed to operate in the United States under NAFTA
What Is The MX Number In Trucking?
MX number is a kind of docket number that is assigned to Mexico-domiciled carriers and trucking companies. This allows them to operate their commercial vehicles inside and across the US
I Am A Mexico Domiciled Motor Carrier. Do I Need An MX Number If I Am Just Going One Or Two Miles Into The Us?
Yes, as a Mexico-domiciled motor carrier, you must have an MX number that is assigned by the federal motor carrier safety administration. If you wish to enter the US, you will also have to acquire a valid FMCSA certificate of registration, especially for commercial zone operations. Alternatively, you can also apply for a long-haul provisional or standard operating authority registration. In addition to this, you must also apply for a US DOT number irrespective of the distance that you want to travel in the US.
How Do I Change The Type Of Authority I Have (For Mexico Domiciled Carriers)?
Changing the type of authority that you have is very easy. However, when you are assigned your MX number or your certificate of registration has been granted, you will have to resubmit your OP-1 MX form. This is for US long-haul operations. You may alternatively submit an OP-2 form which is your US commercial zone-only operations application. You will have to pay a fee of $300 which is usually indicated on the application. This is equivalent to obtaining another operating authority which means that you will have to follow a complete process just like a new applicant should.
Must A Driver From Mexico Have A Record Of Duty Status Available For Inspection When Operating In The United States?
Yes, this is absolutely necessary. If you are a driver from Mexico, you will be subject to the same record of duty status and related requirements as any other driver belonging to the United States and operating within the country.
Can A US Company Lease Its Equipment To A Mexico-Domiciled Company For Operations In The United States?
Yes, this can be done. There is no prohibition on this operation. You as a US-based company can lease your equipment to a Mexico-domiciled company for any of its operations in the United States. That company would have to comply with a few leasing regulations as set in 49 CFR 376 Subpart B. there are also the limitations of Mexico domiciled motor carrier's authority that they will have to comply with when it comes to operating in the United States.
I Am A Mexico Domiciled Motor Carrier. Do I Need An MX Number If I'm Just Crossing The US Border Occasionally?
Yes, because every Mexico-domiciled motor carrier must carry this number. If you intend to cross US borders and enter the country to do business, you will have to acquire an FMCSA-assigned MX number in addition to a USDOT number and operating authority or a valid FMCSA certificate of registration.
I Am A Mexican National And I Have Two Companies, One Domiciled In The US And One Domiciled In Mexico. Which Application Do I Need?
Both these companies would require their own authority. Both the companies may have a single owner and also a single corporate officer. They will still be considered separate companies located in different countries. The Mexico domiciled carrier will have to apply with an OP-2 form which is for a commercial zone authority. If they have a USDOT number or other authority, then this is not required. In such a case, they need to register through the unified registration system. If they are a long-haul carrier intending to operate outside the commercial zone they must fill out the OP-1 MX application. For the US-domiciled carrier or company, they must register for operating authority as well. The motor carrier will also have to pay a $300 application fee for each application.
Must the files that I maintain in order to comply with the FMCSRs be in English?
There is no such requirement as talked about in this question. The files do not need to be kept in English but if you need to fill out any form or application, the only approved language is English.
My certificate of registration says I can carry exempt commodities. What are exempt commodities?
Exempt commodities are mostly those items that haven't been processed in any way. This means that any fresh produce will be categorized as an exempt commodity. There is also a list of non-exempt commodities in 49 CFR 372.115. You might want to have a look at this list to understand exempt commodities better. There is another list of both exempt and non-exempt commodities in Administrative Rule 119. You can check that out as well.
Once I have insurance, what do I need to operate in the US?
After having obtained your insurance cover, make sure that the original copy of it shows proof of the financial responsibility that comes with the policy. This insurance policy must be kept in the vehicle at all times. When your commercial motor vehicle is operating across the country, it must have the necessary documents in addition to the insurance cover.
I don't have my MX number yet, but I am supposed to make a trip tomorrow. May I still make the trip?
No, this is not allowed. As a Mexico domiciled motor carrier, you will only be allowed to operate in the US when you have obtained your FMCSA assigned MX number. You must also have a valid FMCSA certificate of registration applicable for commercial zone operations. As an alternative, you should apply for a long-haul provisional operating authority registration. And the US DOT number is a mandatory requirement that you have to fulfill.
I am a Mexico domiciled carrier. May I make deliveries inside the US?

If you want to enter the US, you must have your USDOT number. If you are a Mexico domiciled carrier, you have two options. Firstly, you can apply for authority to operate within the commercial zones in the US. This means that you will have to acquire a certificate of registration which is also known as an OP-2 authority.


Secondly, you can apply for the authority of operations that allows you to work beyond the commercial zones in the country. This requires you to obtain a provisional operating authority which is also known as OP-1 MX authority.


Remember that each type of authority is going to have a different application process. There will be specific steps to follow and you will have to comply with all the requirements laid down by the FMCSA and any other US government body. Regardless of the authority that you apply for, as a Mexico domiciled carrier, you are not allowed to conduct any point-to-point operations within the US.

Can a Mexico domiciled carrier lease its equipment to another Mexico domiciled company for operations in the United States?
Yes, this is allowed. However, they would have to comply with the leasing regulations mentioned in the 49 CFR 376, Subpart B.
I am a Mexico domiciled carrier and I use a pickup truck (small van, car, tow truck, etc.) to bring my merchandise from Mexico to the US. Do I need an MX number?
Yes, you are going to need an MX number. The size or type of vehicle that you use is not relevant here. If the vehicle is transporting freight in interstate commerce and if it is commuting from Mexico to the US, you will require an MX number.
A driver with residence in Mexico drives for a US company. Does that driver need a state-issued commercial driver's license?
No. If that driver holds a valid license for the type of vehicle that he operates and if it has been issued by Mexico's SCT, there is no need to obtain an additional license to operate in the US. Licensing requirements are independent of the place of employment of the carrier. The US government and its various bodies recognize the licenses issued by Mexico's SCT only.
May a Mexico domiciled carrier lease its equipment to a US company for operations in the United States?
As a Mexico domiciled motor carrier, you are allowed to lease your equipment to a US motor carrier. However, the carrier should comply with the leasing requirements found in 49 CFR Part 376. There has to be proof of documentation of the relationship between both the carriers and the proof of the same must be carried on the vehicle.
Does a copy of the front page of the MX certificate of registration satisfy regulation 387.303 (b) (4) or must a carrier have all the pages of the certificate onboard the vehicle?
Ideally, you should have the complete certificate of registration on your vehicle at all times. The federal motor carrier safety administration requires you to keep that with you whenever there is an inspection.
What insurance or proof of financial responsibility do I need to operate in the US?
As a Mexico domiciled motor carrier, you should have a certificate of registration to operate within the commercial zones that are within the US. You have two options. First is to obtain daily trip insurance as per 49 CFR 387.31 (b) (3) and second, you can meet the minimum requirements that are found in table 49 CFR Part 387. If you are a long-haul operator, you must meet the minimum requirements that have been defined in 49CFR Part 387
I don't have authority from the Mexican government's Secretería de Comunicaciones y Transportes which is the SCT yet. Is it still possible for me to apply for the OP-1 MX or OP-2 authority?
Under normal circumstances, yes. You can apply without obtaining the SCT authority. However, you must have the SCT authority which is the RFC number before the federal motor carrier safety administration can issue the OP-1 MX authority or the OP-2 certificate of registration to you.
How long does it take to get an MX number, certificate of registration, and a USDOT number?

This time period is going to depend on the application that you have submitted. It also depends on the means through which the application was conveyed to the concerning body. This will determine how much time it takes for you to obtain your MX number or certificate of registration or USDOT number.


If your OP-1 MX application is complete, the average time that it will take to get processed is somewhere between 4 and 6 weeks. Once the application gets processed, as a carrier you are required to submit to and also pass a pre-authorization safety audit. This is called the PASA and it is a mandatory requirement the results of which get notified to the carrier along with the requirement under which they are directed to submit evidence of insurance to the federal motor carrier safety administration. Meanwhile, the information of the carrier gets published in the FMCSA register. After that, they have a 10-day protest. At the end of that period and when they have received the evidence of insurance and the BOC 3 list of process agents, the carrier receives the provisional authority.


At this juncture, it will become very difficult to ascertain how much additional time it will take for the entire process to complete. You should know that the entire process starting from the application to the issuance of the authority may take from a few weeks to a few months.

What happens if the application submitted is not correct or completely filled out?
If by any chance you leave any fields empty in the application form or fill them out incorrectly, it will not get accepted and will be sent back to you. You will then have to make the necessary corrections and send it back to the FMCSA. Your application will be entered on the day it is received by them again with the corrections made along with any new applications that they receive.
What is a commercial zone authority and how do I apply for it?
A commercial zone authority is an authority that you require to do business or commute within a specified zone within the US. As an applicant, you must go through the unified registration system if you want to apply for this authority.
Once a Mexico domiciled carrier has submitted an application, can it begin operating in the US?
Nope. After submitting your application, you are still not in a position to start operating in the US. You will have to wait until you receive your certificate of registration for your commercial zone operations or any provisional operating authority registration for your long-haul operations that you want to carry out beyond the commercial zone. Until any such document is received by you, you should stay put.
What Is Operating Authority?
Your operating authority is the right that has been given to you by the FMCSA and the department of transportation to operate your commercial motor vehicle for the purpose of transporting goods or passengers for hire. This operating authority shall apply to you if you are based in the US or are a Canadian-domiciled for-hire motor carrier involved in the transportation of regulated commodities or passengers. You are required to maintain proof of insurance with the federal motor carrier safety administration in addition to obtaining operating authority. If you are a Mexico-domiciled motor carrier and if you want to get authorized to operate beyond the commercial zones, you will have to maintain proof of your operating authority and insurance with the federal motor carrier safety administration. You must do this whenever you intend to operate within the United States.
Why Is My Operating Status Not Authorized?
There could be several reasons for your operating status showing "not authorized." One of the biggest reasons that you see this is that your operating authority or your MC number is not active. This means that you are not authorized to operate in interstate commerce as a for-hire vehicle. The best approach here is to get in touch with your third-party administrator or service agent and ask him to do the needful. They will ensure that your operating authority becomes active sooner. Once your status changes to "authorized" in the systems of the federal motor carrier safety administration, you will be free to perform your business activities across state borders within the country. If you are born in the US, you are always authorized to work within the country but if you are a foreign citizen, your immigration status will allow you to work within the various states of the country.
What Does Pending Revocation Mean?
Pending revocation is the status of your operating authority when you have voluntarily submitted a request to revoke it. If you decide to temporarily suspend your operations, you may choose to get your authority revoked at any point in time that you think is comfortable for you. It is possible to get your operating authority registration revoked as per your needs. Until it gets revoked, it is going to show pending revocation status.
How Do I Revoke My Operating Authority?

It is very easy to get your operating authority revoked voluntarily. You will have to follow the steps given below: 


  • You must complete the form OCE-46 which is the request for revocation of your registration 
  • You should sign the completed OCE-46 form so that the revocation can take effect 
  • Due to covid-19 guidelines, the federal motor carrier safety administration does not require that your signature be witnessed by any of their employees or notarized 
  • You will have to make sure that the form is signed by a person who has adequate authority to sign on your behalf 
  • The next step is to upload the signed form on the official website or you can fax it to their official number as well 


Alternatively, you can get in touch with your third-party administrator or service agent to do the needful on your half. This way the entire revocation procedure becomes faster and much easier.

How Do I Reinstate My Trucking Authority?

The process of reinstating your trucking authority is quite simple. You will have to follow the steps given below:


  • If you have a US DOT pin, you can request a reinstatement of your FMCSA authority on the official website


  • You can also use the MCSA-5889 motor carrier records change form. The details that you will have to include in this form are as follows:


  • MC number 
  • The complete and legal name of the carrier 
  • The name of the person or company which is present on the credit card or check or money order 
  • The billing address of the credit card 
  • Your valid and functional phone number where you can be reached signature and date 
  • An email address if applicable 
  • You will have to send the form to the FMCSA in their Washington office

You must also make sure that before you make any submission for reinstatement, you have your BOC-3 designation of process agents form with you. You must also have your financial responsibility or relevant insurance filing in place. You must also have your US DOT number up to date. Include an updated MCS-150 form along with your reinstatement request.

How Do I Reinstate My FMCSA Authority?

Reinstating your FMCSA authority is also very simple. You need to do the following for this:


  • File the proof of insurance that you have along with your BOC 3 form which is the designation of process agents with the federal motor carrier safety administration.


  • You must also have an active US Dot number which should be up to date in addition to your contact information on file.


  • If you are a passenger carrier, you cannot request reinstatement if you have been put out of service. This happens when the FMCSA determines that you are an imminent hazard due to an unsatisfactory rating. You will have to reapply for your operating authority using the OP -1 (P) form.
What Is The OCE-46 Form?
The OCE-46 form is the form you will use to request the revocation of your operating authority.
How To Submit An OCE-46 Form?
The best way to fill out your OCE-46 form and submit it so that it gets accepted is to get in touch with your third-party administrator. Your service agent will be in a better position to explain just how the OCE-46 form is to be filled out. They will help you with the voluntary revocation of your operating authority.
When Do You Need An OCE-46 Form?
You will need an OCE-46 form when you want to request the revocation of your operating authority. Remember that this form must be completed in its entirety which should include that MC number, the complete name of your business or carrier, the address of the carrier, and your authorized signature.
How Much Does It Cost To Reinstate Your Operating Authority Registration?
The usual fee is $80 to reinstate your operating authority registration. However, the federal motor carrier safety administration may choose to waive this reinstatement fee in certain cases. If you have revoked your authority due to covid-19 guidelines, you may get this fee waiver.
What Is Involuntary Revocation?
Involuntary revocation means that due to some violation on your part or after the FMCSA determined that you are an imminent hazard, your operating authority was revoked. You may have to reapply for it. The best approach is to get in touch with your service agent and let them do the needful.
How Long Does It Take To Reinstate Your Operating Authority?
It is usually going to take somewhere between 2 to 5 business days to get your operating authority reinstated.
Can A For-Hire Company Still Operate In Interstate Commerce Without Operating Authority Registration?
No. You are not allowed to transport commodities or passengers without operating authority registration. Even if you work as a for-hire carrier and until you have obtained proper operating authority including other necessary certificates and permits you are not allowed to operate in interstate commerce.
How Do I Reactivate My MC Number And Dot Number?
To reactivate your MC number and Dot number, you will first have to verify your US Dot number status. If the status is "record inactive", you will need to complete, sign, and submit form MCS-150 all over again. This is going to reactivate your US Dot number. For more information, it is advised to get in touch with your third-party administrator or service. They will tell you what you need to do to reactivate your MC number or US Dot number as soon as possible.